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Hey there!

As you may already know, I love receiving beautiful cards and I've been collecting postcards especially dog postcards (photographed or drawn) for the past three years or so. If by any chance you are in the mood of sending anything in the mailbox, you can perhaps help me grow my collection. I will be beyond grateful and delighted!

Ideas for things you can send to me:

  • Your drawings. Oh how I love seeing other people art! I don't care if you are a professional artist or just someone who likes to draw for fun, I'd like to see your creation. You can send your drawing in the envelope or just draw directly on the postcard paper.
    More ideas of things to draw: yourself, me (hey, this will be cool if you can actually draw me :D), your pets, animals, your city, things you like, things you hate, flowers, cactus, random doodles, etc.
  • Dog cards.
  • Illustration / art cards.
  • Handmade cards.
  • Funny cards.
  • City / landmarks cards.
  • Animals cards.
  • Map cards.
  • Any cards, really.

Just think of me as your biggest fan and send me some love to inspire me. If you would like to receive a reply from me, just let me know and don't forget to put your address. I might be too busy to hook up with a pen pal now but I will try my best to respond and send you something nice in return.

Feel free to send me anything to:

I can't thank you enough if you're actually taking the time to do this for me. I will eventually post everything I received on this blog and I wish you all you could wish for yourself :)

+ Carolynn +

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